Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How do I know when my court date is?
    The court date and time are located in the top left corner of your citation.
  2. Is there a chance of reducing my points or charges?
    Whether you appear at court on your initial court date or appear at a Pretrial Conference, you will have an opportunity to discuss the circumstances surrounding your citation(s).  There is always a chance that your violation may be amended to a lower point violation or your charge(s) amended to a different violation.  (Any amendments that are made must be approved by the court).
  3. How will points affect my insurance?
    You will need to contact your insurance carrier, as every insurance company has a different method of assessing how the conviction and the points associated with the charge will affect your rates.
  4. Are municipal violations criminal matters?
    Citations issued under the municipal ordinances are civil forfeiture actions and are not criminal matters.
  5. What happens if I plead “not guilty”?
    The plea form received from the officer or a Not Guilty Plea Form must be emailed to our office no later than 4:30 p.m. on the day of your initial appearance date.  If you plead not guilty, you will be given a Pretrial Conference court date.  This notice can be sent to you via email, mail, or in court.  At your Pretrial, you will have the opportunity to meet with the Town/Village/City Prosecutor to discuss and possibly resolve your citation. If you are unable to resolve the matter, a trial will be scheduled.  The Court will send a trial notice to you generally within two weeks from your Pretrial date.
  6. Can I talk with or see the Town/City/Village Prosecutor before my court date?
    Before you can have an opportunity to meet with the prosecutor, you must first enter a “not guilty” plea on your citation(s).  Due to the large volume of cases, you will not be able to discuss the matter with the prosecutor until your scheduled pretrial date.
  7. How do I pay my citation?
    Payments can be made in person, at court, online, or by mail.  Payments made at court can only be made with a check or by credit cardClick here for Online Payment 
  8. Can I just pay my citation without appearing in court?
    Yes.  You can pay your citation instead of appearing for court UNLESS your citation is marked as a “Mandatory Appearance” (see the top left corner of your citation).
  9. What happens if I miss my court date?
    The Court will enter a default judgment on your behalf and assess a forfeiture.  In most cases, you will be given sixty (60) days to pay and you will receive a postcard notification mailed to the address noted on your citation with the amount owed and the due date.
  10. What if I fail to pay my forfeiture?
    Several alternate penalties can be imposed by the Court if you fail to pay your citation by the due date.  If you have a valid driver’s license, the Court may suspend it for up to one year on adult citations and 2 years on juvenile citations.  You can reduce the length of suspension if you pay your citation earlier.  A warrant could be issued for your arrest and you would be incarcerated at the Washington or Ozaukee County Jail at a rate of one day for every $50 you owe.  Your debt could be filed with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (State Debt Collection).  If your debt is sent to SDC, your wages could be garnished, a levy could be placed on your bank account and other enforcement actions allowed by the DOR will be applied.
  11. I didn’t pay my forfeiture and now my driver’s license is suspended. What do I do now?
    You need to pay your forfeiture in full before the Court will release the suspension.  You will need to wait 24-48 hours for the records to update at the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT).  You will be able to reinstate online at DOT Reinstatement appear at your locale DMV station. There is a $60 reinstatement fee that will be collected by DOT when you reinstate.
  12. Do you offer payment plans?
    If you are experiencing financial difficulties, the Court can offer you an extension on your due date or a payment plan.  Please contact the Court immediately if you know that you will need a payment plan by calling our office at 262-334-5700. Please fill out the online payment Payment Plan Form. You will be required to make a down payment towards your citations in person at the Municipal Court administrative office between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 pm or online at  The down payment can be made by cash, check, or money order. You can request a Poverty or Indigency Hearing by submitting the Poverty Evaluation Form.
  13. Do I have the right to reopen a case?
    A defendant has the right to file a motion to reopen for any court case based on the factors and requirements outlined in the Wisconsin Statutes.  A fee may be assessed by the Municipal Court Judge before the case will be reopened.
    Please see the PDF version under the reopen option. Motion to Reopen Form
  14. Right to Appeal
    You have twenty (20) days from the date of a Trial decision to file a written Notice of Appeal. Your case will then be transferred to the Washington or Ozaukee County Circuit Court where your appeal will be heard. Certain fees need to be paid in advance, and they vary depending on the type of appeal you decide.
  15. Where can I complete my community service?
    If you are offered Community Service, it can be performed at any non-profit organization such as a church, animal humane society, your local food pantry, etc.  A letter must be sent to the court indicating the date(s) and type of service completed, number of hours, and the name and phone number of the person who acknowledges that the service was completed.  The letter MUST be printed on the “official letterhead” of the organization and signed by the company representative.    Ozaukee County Community Service Agencies   Washington County Community Service Agencies
  16. How do I obtain a copy of a police report?
    Please contact the police agency in person, by phone, or by email that issued the citation(s) to you to get information on how to obtain the information you are looking for.  The Municipal Court does not have any reports associated with the incident, only a copy of the citation that was issued to you.
  17.  Do you have a dropbox? A dropbox is available 24/7. You may drop off a money order or check only, NO CASH. Please make sure your name and citation number are clearly written on the payment.