Plea Choices

GUILTY – You are admitting that you committed the offense and if the police report contains the necessary elements, you will be found guilty and a penalty will be imposed.

NO CONTEST – You are neither pleading guilty nor not guilty, but merely want to have the matter resolved and pay the penalty.  The effect of this plea is that you will be found guilty, but you will not be admitting your civil liability for use in other litigation, where personal injury or property damage is involved. If you are convicted, you will be given an opportunity, if you wish, to make a statement, before the Court hears about your conviction record and sets the penalties.  Should you need time to pay the forfeiture (if you cannot pay in full) the Court may grant you a reasonable time to pay or consider community service work. If you fail to pay, the court may impose imprisonment in jail; or, suspend your driving privileges (license).

NOT GUILTYYou deny committing the offense. The matter will be adjourned for a pretrial conference with the Prosecutor or set for a Court Trial. You must put this in writing and send it to Mid-Moraine Municipal Court BEFORE the initial court date using one of the following methods:  by email, by Fax 262-334-7771, or by mail (962 W. Paradise Drive West Bend, WI 53095). The not-guilty request must be post-marked before your court date. You may use the plea form you received from the police officer or click on the Not Guilty Form: Not Guilty Form

If you have any questions, the administrative office hours are Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM,  (262) 334-5700.