All persons who are present in the courtroom are REQUIRED to wear a face mask. Any individual entering the municipal building without a face covering or a disposable face mask will be provided one. You are encouraged to bring your own.

When you check-in for court, you will be asked if you are feeling feverish; have a cough, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing; or have been in contact with a person who is confirmed to have COVID-19.

All persons not from the same household who are permitted in the municipal building will be required to maintain adequate social distancing of at least 6 feet.

The Mid-Moraine Municipal Court encourages the vulnerable population (individuals who are over 65 or individuals with serious underlying health conditions) to contact the court to schedule their case to be heard telephonically or by audiovisual means.

For more information click on the COVID-19 page.

Please contact the court if you have any questions regarding your court date.  Also, if you have a change of address or have any questions regarding the status of your case, please call our court office at (262) 334-5700.

We are open for operation, with a limit of one person in the lobby at a time. Please wear a mask. You may still contact the court via telephone, email, fax, or by mail. 

The court will continue to accept any filings in person or by mail  962 W. Paradise Drive West Bend WI 53095, by email, or by Fax 262-334-7771.

If you have any questions, the administrative office hours are Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. Please contact us by one of the methods below:

Phone: (262) 334-5700                 Fax: (262) 334-7771