The Mid-Moraine Municipal Court started as the Washington County Municipal Court on July 1, 1991, with five municipalities.  Since that date, the Municipal Court has grown to 16 municipalities located in Washington and Ozaukee counties and processes approximately 20,000 citations per year.  A complete list of the member municipalities is below.

The Municipal Court handles all non-criminal cases including traffic violations and ordinance violations such as Disorderly Conduct, Retail Theft, and Alcohol violations, to name a few.  If you are convicted of a violation, a forfeiture will be imposed and if you fail to pay that forfeiture by the due date, the Court could suspend your operating privileges, issue a warrant for your arrest or use the Wisconsin State Debt Collection service.  If your unpaid forfeiture is sent to SDC, you could have your Wisconsin State Taxes intercepted, garnishment of wages, and/or Seizure of levy against your property, including bank accounts and IRAs.

The Court has one Administrative Office which handles all the payments and correspondence for all of the municipalities. The office is located at 962 W Paradise Drive, West Bend, Wisconsin.  If a person wishes to go to Court on their citation, they will appear at the municipality where the citation was issued.  Please check the Court Locations tab for more information.

The 16 member municipalities served by the Mid-Moraine Municipal Court are as follows:


  • City of Hartford
  • City of West Bend
  • Village of Germantown
  • Village of Jackson
  • Village of Kewaskum
  • Village of Newburg
  • Village of Slinger
  • Town of Hartford
  • Town of Trenton


  • City of Cedarburg
  • City of Mequon
  • City of Port Washington
  • Village of Fredonia
  • Village of Grafton
  • Village of Saukville
  • Village of Thiensville